Home Services

With energy costs in the public eye, consumers are becoming more savvy regarding the energy suppliers they choose to use. That said, many consumers are not aware of the tariff structure that is put in place once they move into a new home. This, coupled with the fact that arranging utility providers within days of a move is not always top of the agenda for tenants, means that a significant amount of people are paying more than they need to for their energy.

We have a team of trained energy advisors who take the stress and hassle out of arranging a new supplier for your tenants. 

Upon signing their rental agreement, tenants are offered a free comparison service to source the best gas and electricity supplier. The whole process can be dealt with in one short phone call meaning everything is set up once they move in. It also means tenants are minimising the amount of time they spend on the more expensive ‘standard’ tariff that they inherit.

A free service, it also provides valuable additional incremental revenue to agents for each transaction completed.